10 Features The Best Exercise Treadmills And Reviews Should Highlight

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Fitness equipment may evolve and display countless new innovations, but according to treadmill reviews and ratings this old stalwart jogging companion is here to stay. This simple-to-use workout machine remains one of the most popular choices on the market. Oh, of course it now comes with all sorts of gadgets and gizmo’s to make it more fashionable, but details about the basic components still form the bulk of treadmill reviews and ratings. What are the 10 main points to be on the lookout for when you are shopping for one of these training partners?

Exercise treadmill reviews and ratings are still filled with praise for these workout machines. Imagine being able to hop onto your fat-burning buddy at the drop of a hat. No tight-fitting gym clothes to get into. No disconcerting stares from strangers. No time-wasting travel or parking space hunting. And you can jog or walk to your heart’s content (literally!) without keeping an eye on the weather or that nasty, yapping, heel-snapping pooch of the neighbors. What are the things you should keep in mind when studying exercise treadmill reviews and ratings, or while test-running one of these trainers?

1. Measuring The Motor Mechanics

This is where warranty and performance are of prime importance, and not so much the horsepower rating. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a standard industry protocol for rating home treadmill parts, and specifically motors. This means you have to do some serious homework before making your purchase. Luckily you have access to a wealth of detailed brand information on the internet.

You have to take a lot of things into account here. For starters, how many people will be using the machine? How long will their training sessions be? Are any of the potential users on the heavy side? If you are an average-sized single person who simply needs a walking workout for 30 minutes three times a week, your choice would differ substantially from that of someone who needs a machine for a family in which there is a marathon runner, as well as someone who weighs 350 pounds.

A general guideline given in exercise treadmill ratings and reviews may be that you should look for a continuous duty motor that has a horsepower of at least 2 to 2.5. Often the length of the warranty gives an indication of the reliability and durability of the motor. The longer the better, but don’t go blindly for the extra cost of extended warranties.

Check exercise treadmill review sites to identify any possible problems ahead of time. Every brand has its own unique strong points and weaknesses. If you test a workout machine and it seems to lose strength when you climb up, move to another model. If it sounds as if it is really struggling to keep up with your pace, steer clear of it. Normally the level of noise can be a good indication of the quality. In many instances a quiet machine points to low friction levels and quality components.

It is good to remember that you have to keep the whole picture in mind when making your choice. Some brands may display an impressive motor, but it could be there because the extra power is needed to disguise a sub-standard belt or deck. Buy the best motor you can afford, but it must be part of a powerful, quality package.

2. The Fitness Of The Frame

High alloy steel frames are common in most brands and should be your frame of choice. In some of the commercial models you will see aluminum frames. Make sure that the frame feels sturdy and robust. It will take a lot of strain over time.

3. Befriending The Running Belt

Again, your mantra should be to ‘test, test, test’. Feeling comfortable with the size of the running surface will depend on your length and whether you will be walking or running. A generally accepted size is around 20″ (w) x 55″ (l). You have to feel totally comfortable and be able to move freely and naturally. Remember that the thicker and larger the belt is, the harder the motor has to work. It also adds to heat generation, which can shorten the life of the system.

4. Determining The Best Deck And Cushioning

If you imagine the pounding a deck takes on a daily basis, this is another component you have to check out thoroughly. This is the surface the belt moves over. The load you plan to put on the machine determines the quality you will need. As this is the main source of support for the belt, it must be of a superior caliber. This is where adequate shock absorption or cushioning is centered. If it has been treated with a lubricant, so much the better, as this reduces friction. Some decks are reversible, which lengthens its life considerably. If you can afford a 2-ply deck, you should have a more durable machine.

5. Developing Flywheel Finesse

This is the component that has lots to do with fluid, consistent and smooth movement. Through its regulating function, the flywheel helps to keep stress down on the rest of the machine’s components. A good quality flywheel therefore adds to the durability of the trainer.

6. A Robust Roller Run

Rollers can also help to lighten the load on the rest of the device. Bigger, heavier rollers of around 2 inches are preferable. Cheap treadmills often save on this component, leading to early relationship break downs!

7. Fine-Tuning The Feedback

Although all the bells and whistles built into the console can be enticing and visually impressive, this should never be your main focal point. No feedback features are going to rescue a dismal performance component-wise. Look at the variety of features, the communication regarding workouts, heart rate control features, but most importantly the ease of use. You don’t want to have to go for a degree in electronics to be able to comprehend the display.

8. Warranty Wagers

Some brands are still way behind in this department. This is one of the main points always highlighted in exercise treadmill reviews and ratings. It is difficult to understand why a company that has confidence in the quality of its fitness equipment collection often isn’t willing to include a quality warranty. Go for the best you can get. Brands like Sole and Precor are way ahead of Proform in this regard, for example. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter in order not to void your warranty. Remember that in most instances where you see a used treadmill for sale, you won’t get any coverage.

9. Folding Treadmill A Fad?

Folding treadmills are now all the rage and have come a long way since the first models. If you have space limitations, this may be a solution for you. These days you don’t have to compromise on stability if you opt for a folding model. The designs have become so innovative, that these trainers offer the same superb quality as their non-folding counterparts. You may want to spend a bit more if you go for a folding treadmill to make sure that you get a stable machine.

10. Workouts Your Weapon Against Boredom

When it comes to the fat-burning exercise programs built into your machine, take your own make-up into account. Are you somebody who looks for an enjoyable program and then prefers to use this repeatedly? Or do you need constant stimulation, change and a new challenge? Some people will be happy with one or two workouts, while others need a new routine every day to combat boredom. A good collection allows you to ’surprise’ your muscles from time to time, in order to avoid the dreaded workout plateau during which there seems to be no progress for weeks at a time.

Ready to buy a treadmill? One way to stop a slick salesman in his tracks, is to enter the store with your running shoes in one hand and a stack of exercise treadmill reviews and ratings in the other…

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