5 Reasons To Fit An Exercise Ball Workout Into Your Home Gym Equipment Regimen

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5 Core Benefits Of Exercise Ball Workouts – Could This Be The Best Ab Exercise?

Wanting to replace grunts, groans and grimaces with fitness fun? Why not take a look at an exercise ball workout and its impressive list of benefits? These inflatable globes are inexpensive fitness tools that don’t take up much space, yet they have become known as some of the most efficient muscle-toners on the circuit. Exercise ball workouts have been used during rehabilitation for many years. However, their body benefits are now enjoyed in homes and gyms all over the world.

If you want to gain a significant improvement in core stability and overall toning, this is one sure way to get there. While offering total body exercise, the effect on your midsection will be phenomenal. What are the five core benefits you will experience as a result of exercise ball workouts?

1. One Of The Best Killer Ab Workouts

Are sixpack abs, a washboard stomach or an effective lower ab workout elusive? Don’t despair. These goals are within reach if you incorporate one of the balance therapy routines into your fitness regimen. You probably know how challenging it can be to reach the deep abdominals. With a Medicine or Swiss Ball, you will suddenly discover that you are engaging all those hard to reach muscles. As this type of training targets your core, you will soon see noticeable results in the mirror. You haven’t done a good ab crunch until doing it during an exercise ball workout!

2. Better Body Alignment

As you develop better balance, you will find that your body alignment is greatly improved. Your posture will be transformed. You will begin to hold your body the way it was meant to be held, with your core giving you the necessary stability and support. You will feel totally centered.

3. Builds Back And Spine Strength

One of the main reasons exercise ball workouts have become so popular in rehabilitation, was because of its back exercise and spine mobility benefits. It offers all the support you need, and provides almost instant relief if you suffer from back strain. These strength training exercises can be a simple way to get you going again after a back problem and they may offer some lower back pain relief. You will find that you develop increased flexibility, mobility and strength in your spine and that your range of motion is enhanced.

By improving core stability, posture and muscle balance, you will also be protecting your back. Weakness in any one of these key areas can lead to injury. The device is also useful during rehabilitation after hip or knee injuries. It develops better muscle tone in your entire body.

4. Enhances Equilibrium

Your sense of your body, the positioning of the different parts in relation to the rest of your body, and proper positioning of your joints will also be greatly enhanced when you embark on exercise ball exercise routines. This is called kinesthetic awareness and proprioception. If this is improved, you will experience a sense of equilibrium and internal body control you have never known before.

This is one area in which a stability ball or the related Bosu Ball can be of great help to disabled kids, as their body awareness is usually severely affected. Bosu exercise is generally seen as being somewhat safer to use. This little balance dome is therefore ideal for children. They view it as a game and enjoy using it tremendously. It can assist them with everything from coordination, to agility, body awareness, depth perception and balance.

5. It Is Cut Out For Core Strength Training

If you don’t have a strong core or midsection, you may very well expect back problems down the line. If these muscles are weak, they won’t give your back the support it needs to remain healthy. It will affect your posture and the way you move. These deep abdominals are often neglected in other training programs, as they can be extremely difficult to isolate. An exercise ball workout homes in on core strength training.

When you perform an exercise such as an ab crunch or a push-up on a weight bench for example, you are working on a steady, stable surface. If you move that same exercise to an unstable device such as a balance trainer, it becomes a whole new ball game, so to speak. Even while you are just performing a biceps curl, your abdominal muscles will be fully engaged to keep you balanced. In the process of maintaining your balance, you will soon discover muscles you never even knew you had! This is why this is seen as one of the best ab workouts you can engage in.

To ensure proper posture and stability, you need to work on the deep abdominals, as well as the muscles that offer support to the spine and pelvis. These are all involved in virtually every movement, from running to walking and lifting. When you sit on something like a stability ball, the fact that you have to keep your balance pulls all these muscles into action and ‘wakes them up’ in a sense. As the muscles become stronger, keeping your balance will become less of a challenge. By making small changes in the way you sit on the stability tool, you can get even more from it.

You can use it for anything from crunches to push-ups, with the distance it is from your core, dictating the degree of difficulty. The whole idea is that the device can help to restore overall muscle balance. Your muscles are constantly activated and making adjustments to enable you to keep your balance. You simply can’t slump during an exercise ball workout.

So, there you have the five main benefits that are part and parcel of any medicine ball workout. Not bad for such a fun, inexpensive piece of equipment!

Make sure that you choose the right size for your length. The best idea is to look for a slight downward sloping line in your thighs when you sit on the globe, rather than a square 90 degree angle. The ball’s firmness also has an effect on its use. To start with, choose one with a bit more give. As you progress, you can move to one that is firmer and more challenging. People from all age groups, children and seniors alike, enjoy using these training tools. You will find such a workout beneficial, irrespective of your current fitness level.

Older people often develop back problems, due to neglecting their stabilizing core muscles. By utilizing one of these globes, this can be prevented and mobility will be enhanced and maintained.

If you have any ailment or pain, it is safer to consult your doctor or a physical therapist before embarking on an exercise ball workout program.

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