Combining Machines and Free Weights

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When it comes to weight training equipment, you have two choices: free weights or weight training machines. Machines allow you to use more weight under a safer, controlled environment while the free weights helping to stimulate the synergistic muscles for balance and control. But by using a combination of free weights and machines for training, you’ll get the best of both worlds.,

Add to this some cardio work for aerobic fitness and you are getting all that anyone could hope for in a fitness program.

These types of programs can be developed for the gym, and with the abundance of good home gym equipment, they can also be used at home.

Many times you can get a better workout from home as you won’t need to wait on other people to finish their exercises before you can use the equipment.

Weight training machines also allow you to use heavy weights in complete safety where you will need to be a little more cautious with free weights if you don’t have someone to assist with your training.

Age can determine which is the best for you to use, with the safety factor very important for children and elderly people.

There are many types of machines available and they all have their benefits over one another. There are machines that have weight stacks, which can be quite heavy, and then there are machines that use cables and rods to offer resistance.

Some are portable and able to be moved and folded away whereas some of the big weight stack machines are too heavy to move easily.

These are factors that need to be considered when buying machines whereas free weights can be used almost anywhere, from inside the house to the back yard.

With free weights you will need to consider a weight bench to ensure you can perform sufficient exercises to build most muscles of your body.

There is no real maintenance required with free weights, as they will still perform well even if you were to leave them to rust.

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