7 Fat Burner Features of the EFX Precor Elliptical Cross Trainer

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In the heated treadmill vs elliptical debate, EFX Precor Elliptical Cross Trainers seem to be winning hands down. If you are struggling to get rid of stubborn weight, need to up your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, or are looking for a great fat burner, the EFX Precor Elliptical Cross Trainer is ready to form a pound-pounding partnership with you. Let’s take a look at 7 of the characteristics that are part and parcel of this elliptical cross trainer package.

1. Non-Stop Motion Without The Commotion

When this company gave birth to the EFX Precor Elliptical Cross Trainer concept, it was a first in the fitness industry. It soon became clear that this low-impact exercise machine is such a fluid and smooth operator, that the user doesn’t even notice how intense the workout is. Due to this phenomenon, this collection of elliptical exercise equipment picked up the term ‘lower RPE’ (Relative Perceived Exertion) trainers. The benefit of this characteristic is that you will be able to keep going for much longer and therefore experience faster weight loss and accelerated aerobic conditioning. While your heart is pumping away, your brain is actually saying: “H’mmm, this doesn’t feel bad at all. Wonder where the jarring and hurting went. So smooth and comfortable. I can keep this up all day…”.

2. The CrossRamp Training Concept And You

When the masterminds behind EFX Precor Elliptical Machines came up with CrossRamp technology, the cross training concept gained further momentum. The low-impact advantage was retained, but more muscles were brought into play. This innovative engineering allows you to adjust the angle of the ramp, effectively altering the elliptical path. In doing so, you can experience exercise similar to hiking or cross-country skiing. This also brought an element of diversity or freshness into the routine that is stimulating and entertaining. As boredom is one of the main reasons why home gym equipment often ends up functioning as clothes hangers, the CrossRamp design became a crucial motivational factor. In the EFX 5.37 the ramp is adjustable from 15 to 40 degrees, while the stride length varies between 21 and 24.5 inches. Unfortunately the ramp is fixed in models such as the Precor EFX 5.19.

3. Total Body Workout Technology

While the Precor EFX 5.17i comes with fixed arms, some of the models include ergonomic, moving upper body handlebars. These take your fat-burning exercise up another notch. By working your shoulders, arms and chest while targeting your legs and hips, you will be revving up your metabolism big time. In addition, these help you to maintain the proper form while training. Experts soon began commenting on the efficiency of these exercise machines, compared to other equipment such as electronic treadmills. You are likely to find that you get the same results in a shorter period on a Precor Elliptical Cross Trainer, due to the simultaneous upper body movement. This allows you to reach your fitness and weight loss goals much sooner. In the EFX 5.37 you can exercise with either fixed or movable arms.

4. Get Ripped With Programs And Resistance

By making full use of the adjustable resistance levels, you can get even more out of these total body workouts. Working at a higher resistance will up the level of intensity. In addition, these trainers come with a scientifically designed set of programs. You are likely to find routines targeting your heart rate, weight loss, aspects such as hill climbing, and even workouts that get your glutes in gear. Usually one or two options can be customized according to your individual needs and goals.

5. Fitness With A Feast Of Feedback

Your training partner is stylish enough to be right at home in your living room. The state-of-the-art displays of Precor Elliptical Machines are touch sensitive. Depending on the trainer you choose, you will have access to extras such as storage areas for water bottles and a music player for the best workout music, as well as a reading rack. Personal training data can be stored and easily accessed during the next workout. You can set the trainer to focus on calorie burning goals, climbing goals, time or distance goals.

The feedback can include data about your heart rate, the current resistance level, your strides per minute, the vertical feet climbed during the session, your time, distance, the angle of the ramp, calories burned, as well as your program details. Sometimes a carb counter will form part of the package. In some models you will also have access to an additional large scrolling window for program-related instructions.

6. Muscle In On Reverse Mode

Some of the Precor Elliptical Cross Trainers come fully equipped to function both in a forward and a reverse mode. This has the benefit of yet again getting new muscle groups into the game and adding extra interest to the routines. This function may also help to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Muscles do really well if they are ’surprised’ from time to time, so make full use of this capability.

7. Quality Exercise Machine Equals Quiet Operation

Nobody can train with confidence on a rickety, squeaky trainer that feels as if you are going to topple over any second. These machines were made for fun fitness routines. You might want to call a friend for a nice chat, listen to some of the best workout songs, or catch up on your television viewing while working out. So, you need to make sure that there won’t be a deafening racket while the machine is in use. Test your model of choice carefully. You want total stability and a fluid motion – precisely what you should get here according to Precor Elliptical Trainer reviews. The more pleasant your training time, the likelier it is that you will keep coming back for more.

Do you want to lose belly fat or work towards a lean, athletic look? Try getting into your target training zone as soon as possible, and then maintain that intensity for around twenty to thirty minutes. With a Precor Elliptical Cross Trainer in your home gym equipment arsenal, your desired body transformation may be just around the corner.

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